Want to help fight #c36? #sexwork #cdnpoli

Naomi, of http://www.kwetoday.com, has created this fantastic template letter for folks to send to their MPs in opposition to Bill C36, the Conservatives’ new anti-prostitution legislation. It explains clearly why this legislation is dangerous and ought to be trashed.


I have received a lot of messages from friends who were asking about what this Bill is all about? Here is a link explaining the Bill that is much easier to read than the Bill itself. This Bill is in response to the Bedford v Canada decision (which was an unanimous Supreme Court Decision). You can read about that decision here (and here is the actual SCC decision). Following this, many friends have also asked what they can do to help.

One way you can help is to write a letter to your MP. Here is a template to help you to write a letter to oppose #c36. You can find out who your MP is here. It is free (meaning no postage required) to send your MP a letter. A French-translation will be posted as it becomes available.

If you are looking for anymore sources and…

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  1. ellahawthorne100

    Hi Sarah, I came over here because I’ve been really impressed by your comments at Feminist Current. Even though I’m an abolitionist, I’ve been skeptical of Bill C-36 all along and reading your comments has helped me to understand why. The Conservative government is not interested in helping women, and their bill does not reflect an understanding of what the Nordic Model is supposed to accomplish, and I wish people with your level of understanding and knowledge were making the law. I believe in punishing johns, but I would support your version of decriminalization any day because it comes with real supports for women. I’d really like to see us focus on eliminating poverty instead of pointlessly fining a few johns while leaving women in the same situations. The situation in Canada is not the same as in Sweden. I look forward to reading more of your writing. Thanks!

    • sarah m

      That’s kind of you to say, Ella. I hope you will stick around and read more, if I ever get a minute to write some more. I’d be very interested to hear more from you.

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