Academic Writing


2014 – “Pornographers and Pirates: Intellectual Property and Netporn.” Digital Studies / Le champ numérique 4 “New Fronts in the Copyfight: Multidisciplinary Directions in Critical Copyright Studies”: n.p.

2014 – “‘You’re Just a Stripper that Came Out of a Time Machine’: Operation Snatch’s Queer World-Making and Sex Working Class Politics.” Canadian Theatre Review 158 “Burlesque”: 50-53.

Conference papers

2014 – “‘San Francisco, Chicago, New York. Boulder, Madison, Austin. Kansas City, D.C., Detroit. Anywhere. Dear god, I need a job.’” Sexuality Studies Association conference, Congress, Brock U, 29 May.

2014 – “Disclosures of Gendered Violence to Online Academic Workers: Emotional Labour and Affective Space.’” Panel on “Mental Health in the Academy.” Canadian Association of Geographers conference, Congress, Brock U, 28 May.

2013 – “Sex work and authenticity in feminism’s ‘testimonial culture.’“ Panel on “Affects and the Political Limits of Transmission.” Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes conference, Congress, U of Victoria, 4 June.

2013 – “Preserving a Prostitutes’ Cabaret: Archivalization and Queer World-Making in Research on The Scandelles.” Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English conference, Congress, U of Victoria, 2 June.

2012 – “Copyright, Authorship and Porn 2.0.” Panel on “Literature and the Copyfight.” ACCUTE/Society for Digital Humanities joint session, ACCUTE conference, Congress, U of Waterloo, 29 May.


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