2018 – “I tried to kill myself. I survived. When Canada’s health care system failed me, I tried again, and again.” THIS: Progressive politics, ideas, and culture. July/Aug. Print/online. Article.

2018 – “How America’s FOSTA laws impact the lives of Canadian sex workers.” 15 May. Web. Article.

2012 – “What I learned at the Feminist Porn Awards.” 8 May. Web. Article.

2012 – “Decriminalization or depoliticization; Ontario Court’s decision on prostitution.” 28 Mar. Web. Article.

2012 – “In Les Demimondes, Prostitution Herself confronts whore stigma.” 6 Mar. Web. Review.

2012 – “To the would-be sex work abolitionist; or ain’t I a woman?” 3 Feb.   Web. Article.

2010 – “Reinventing Resistance.” Briarpatch Magazine. Nov./Dec. 20-23. Article.

2010 – “Sex work is part of the community; It will take more than judge’s ruling to undo the stigma that causes violence.” The Hamilton Spectator. 8 Oct. A11. Article.

2010 – “A broken system in need of change; Hands are tied to address what creates and maintains cycle of poverty.” The Hamilton Spectator. 26 Jul. A15. Article.

2010 – “Creative Class Struggle.” Briarpatch Magazine. Jul./Aug. 22-27. Article.

2010 – “Police, community must work together; MY TAKE.” The Hamilton Spectator. 12   Jun. WR7. Article.

2010 – “Our Games: ‘Pretty’ or ‘equitable?’; Let’s not mirror ‘tidy, civil’ Vancouver which moved on poor, homeless.” The Hamilton Spectator. 14 May A13. Article.

2010 – “Who owns the city?; Not everyone is part of ‘the public’ – we criminalize the ‘antisocial’”. The Hamilton Spectator. 14 Jan. A17. Article.

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