[Re-Post from TAS] Why You Shouldn’t Study Sex Workers

Before I finished my B.A., I encountered a social worker who was working on her M.A. Her politics were generally pro-decriminalization, but she also liked to trade in horror stories about women whose vaginas fell out from having too much sex. She had secured the cooperation of a rescue organization that collaborated with police to be allowed to study their Very Marginalized Whores. She wanted my help nailing down her research question.

“Don’t do this study,” I said. “Find something else to research.”

“OMG why are you so mean?” was more or less her answer.

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  1. Melinda Chateauvert

    Reblogged this on Sex Worker Activism: A History and commented:
    People have asked me why there are so few women of color in leadership in the “sex workers rights” movement. It’s because the “movement isn’t just about rights for sex workers. It’s intersectionality requires activism on all fronts: against domestic violence and homelessness, for a living wage, for healthcare for all, ending the war on drugs, housing first, the prison industrial complex, ….
    Our issues are all connected. But when some leaders and their followers decide that they want to be respectable, to limit access to those who “deserve” care, they use a model of citizenship rights not human rights. And that is precisely why and where people of color get locked out mite why and where structural racism are perpetuated.
    So this.

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