A Whole Bunch of Great Sex Worker Blog Posts

I mentioned to a couple of folks that I had used their blogs or posts for a paper, and I promised to post a bibliography when I had one ready. For those who are curious, here it is. It’s far from every blog ever written, but if you want to sift through it, you will find the foundations of a very solid critique of sex-positivity and authenticity in political advocacy, from a pro-decriminalization standpoint. I also read and cited the comments on most of these posts, but cut them from the bibliography for brevity, and I read dozens of other online writings that I just ran out of space to write about — so there is a lot of knowledge that gets produced by the fact of having a community, but it’s not readily documented within the conventions of academic citation.

Here’s the short version, in other people’s words, of the argument in my paper about sex workers’ unhappy stories:

I feel like our culture, as a movement, has come to revolve around either the memoir or the closet, after work in the sex trades. — Sabrina Morgan

From early on, speaking for myself meant straining to somehow fit my experiences and my opinions of my own experience—at times, it felt, of my very self—into one of two dichotomous positions: for or against. — Melissa Petro

I remember when I first got involved in sex worker rights and was a naively impressionable young woman.… I mentioned that I didn’t like sex work myself I was chastised by fellow activists. — Wendy Babcock

And there are a lot of us, more than most folks realize. We frequently stay closeted … partly because we may lack the physical energy or emotional stamina to brazenly insert ourselves into the activist communities that dislike us. — Lori Adorable

It is no longer acceptable to maintain a barrier between conversations about the positive potential of the choice to do transactional sex and the injustices many people face when they do sex work because of circumstance or coercion. To do so is to maintain a class divide that is wide and deep. — Audacia Ray

The truth doesn’t have a sound bite. It’s complex. — Hadil Habiba

In a comment on my last post, I made an analogy to abortion advocacy, based on a paper I read about an activist’s decision to talk about all the “things we cannot say.” Here is that paper, authored by Jeannie Ludlow. It’s a bit thick over the first few pages, but the analysis is worth it, in my opinion.

Short version bibliography (aka, a bunch of great blog posts):

Adorable, Lori. “Dungeon or Psych Ward?: A Crazy Whore Explains It All.” Tits and Sass. 20 February 2013. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://titsandsass.com/dungeon-or-psych-ward-a-crazy-whore-explains-it-all/>

Adorable, Lori. “What Antis Can Do To Help, Part One: Aiding Those Still in the Industry.” Tits and Sass. 19 March 2013. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://titsandsass.com/what-antis-can-do-to-help-part-one-aiding-those-still-in-the-industry/>

Babcock, Wendy. “Can A Person Be A Sex Worker Rights Activist While Not Enjoying Sex Work Themselves? (ROUGH DRAFT).” Facebook. 3 August 2011. Rpt at Ha-Redeye, Omar. “In Memorandum: Wendy Babcock (1979-2011).” Law is Cool: The Lawschool Blog and Podcast from Canada. 10 August 2011. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://lawiscool.com/2011/08/10/in-memorandum-wendy-babcock-1979-2011/>

Dawn, Amber and Alex Tigchelaar. “The Red Fingernail of Authority.” xtra. 19 April 2013. Web. 22 April 2013. <http://www.xtra.ca/public/Toronto/The_red_fingernail_of_authority-13443.aspx>

Dawn, Amber and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore. “Sex Work, Violence, and Queer Community: An Author Conversation.” Advocate.com. 18 April 2013. Web. 20 April 2013. <http://www.advocate.com/arts-entertainment/books/2013/04/18/sex-work-violence-and-queer-community>

Furry Girl. “What do I mean when I say “sex worker”? Why I’m against an overly-broad definition.” Feminisnt. 4 May 2011. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://www.feminisnt.com/2011/what-do-i-mean-when-i-say-sex-worker-why-im-against-an-overly-broad-definition/>

Habiba, Hadil. “‘The Ugly Truth:’ Ad Campaigns About the Sex Trade Will Always Fail…” Prison Culture: How the PIC Structures Our World. 16 April 2013. Web. 21 April 2013. <http://www.usprisonculture.com/blog/2013/04/16/guest-post-the-ugly-truth-ad-campaigns-about-the-sex-trade-will-always-fail/>

McNeill, Maggie. “Mulberry Street.” The Honest Courtesan. 1 April 2013. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/mulberry-street/>

Moore, Cameryn. “Please Don’t Ask Me This Question Anymore…” Phone Whore. 4 April 2013. Web. 21 April 2013. <http://www.camerynmoore.com/2013/04/04/please-dont-ask-me-this-question-anymore/>

Morgan, Sabrina. qtd. at Ciao, Darling, I’ll Call You. AV Flox. 18 March 2013. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://narratrix.tumblr.com/post/45711249885/i-feel-like-our-culture-as-a-movement-has-come>

Olive. “10 Tips on How to be a (Feminist) Ally to Sex Workers.” This Loneliness Is Just An Exile From God. 17 February 2013. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://australian-diaspora.tumblr.com/post/43302287609/10-tips-on-how-to-be-a-feminist-ally-to-sex-workers>

Petro, Melissa. “Life After Sex Work.” The Daily Beast. 17 December 2012. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/12/17/life-after-sex-work.html>

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Petro, Melissa. “The H-Word: Big Money, No Whammies.” bitchmedia. 2 December 2011. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://bitchmagazine.org/post/the-h-word-big-money-no-whammies-sex-work-feminism>

Petro, Melissa. “Thoughts From a Former Craigslist Sex Worker.” The Huffington Post. 7 September 2010. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melissa-petro/post_803_b_707975.html>

Ray, Audacia. “Why the Sex Positive Movement is Bad for Sex Workers’ Rights.” Audacia Ray. 31 March 2012. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://blog.audaciaray.com/post/20228032642/why-the-sex-positive-movement-is-bad-for-sex-workers>

Schaffauser, Thierry. “What kind of sex industry do we want?” Thierry Schaffauser. 10 February 2011. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://thierryschaffauser.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/what-kind-of-sex-industry-do-we-want/ >

Shane, Charlotte. “Live Through This.” The New Inquiry. 26 July 2012. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/live-through-this/>

Shane, Charlotte. “You’ve Got Problems: Sex Worker Childhoods.” Tits and Sass. 6 December 2011. Web. 1 April 2013. <http://titsandsass.com/youve-got-problems-sex-worker-childhoods/>

trashprincess. “SW Subjectivities: Made Rebloggable As Per Request.” I Am a Cat! Meow, Motherfuckers! 14 April 2013. Web. 20 April 2013. <http://trashprincesss.tumblr.com/post/47931428254/sw-subjectivities-made-reblogable-as-per-request>


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